This program aims to improve living conditions and provide basic needs: health, housing, and access to clean water.  An exhaustive selection of the potential beneficiaries is done prior to the execution of projects.  The three work lines in the social program are preventative health, social infrastructure.  Preventative health programs include maternal and child health,  reproductive health, and dental hygiene.  Social infrastructure includes self construction houses, water, and sanitation.

Preventative Health: We work with other non-profits to bring surgeons and doctors to remote areas where services are unavailable.  This also includes dental care and eye lenses and bifocals which is very difficult to access for the majority of rural poor.  We also have health education programs for maternal and child health that focus on reducing infant mortality and childhood diseases.  Workshops on sexually transmitted infections, HIV, first aid, dental hygiene and nutrition are common topics.  Our health program works to relieve the illnesses of today and prevent them in the next generation.

Infrastructure:  This includes access to clean water, adequate housing and sanitation.  We help small, rural communities develop and maintain access to safe drinking water.  We do this by providing engineering and technical expertise as well as materials.  Community members do all the unskilled labor. AVODEC has provided access to clean water to more than 6,000 people.  We have put in over 40 wells and distributed over 500 water filtration systems. We have provided over 800 latrines and houses for more than 130 families.  Adequate water, housing and sanitation are the necessities for raising a healthy, productive family.  Improving basic living conditions for the poorest poor will improve health and productivity for years to come.

To the left is an example of a house in the community of Sisle that AVODEC helped to build. And below the site of a new well is determined.